In celebration of the last days of the ghost festival, it’s a great time to make a ghost bottle. Ghost bottles are said to act as a vessel for the deceased to more easily communicate and manifest here in our realm.

Steps to make a Ghost Bottle:

  1. Choose a container with a cork. I’ve chosen a potion-shaped bottle, but any glass container with a cork would do. Recycle that old olive oil bottle if you’d like.
  2. Choose your bottle contents and fill your bottle. If you’re filling the bottle with herbs, you’ll want herbs associated with attracting spirits. Magickal Cat has an excellent Herb Grimoire if you’re not sure which herbs to choose. I chose mint, marshmallow root, and rose hips – that’s what I’ve got on hand. You could also use other things associated with ghosts, such as dirt.
  3. Cork your bottle and seal it with wax. Be sure to place wax paper underneath your bottle before pouring the wax to avoid any waxy messes. My bottle has been sealed with black wax because this is the color I associate with death and ghosts. You might choose a different color, such as white.
  4. Choose an item for the top of your ghost bottle. Michaels has some pretty neat skull beads, and they fit perfectly on top of my bottle. You could also use items such as a crystal, a rock, a small key. It’s up to you and what you will associate with.

Consecrating your Ghost Bottle

  1. Light a white candle and incense that attract spirits.
  2. As you do so, state your intention of allowing the Ghost Bottle to be a vessel for ghosts to communicate in this realm. You may wish to name specific relatives or friends that have passed at this time.
  3. Ask the spirits, or ghosts, if they are willing to work with you, and pay attention to the candle flame.
  4. Strong flickering of the flame may indicate a strong response, or yes. Still flickering or a flame that blows out may indicate a weak response, or no.
  5. Allow the incense to burn, and snuff out the candle when you are finished.
  6. Place your Ghost Bottle in a place sacred to you, such as an altar.

This is my adapted version of Ghost Bottles, fit to my personal practices. Change it as you wish to suit your own practices. Idea originally from Sarah Anne Lawless.