Spider Pops

I made these a few years back when I was working in a classroom around Halloween as part of my college teaching program. The kids loved them! These would also be great to hand out for Trick-or-Treat, or even at a Halloween party.

Items needed:

  • Lollipops
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Black tissue paper
  • Optional: Googly eyes, cotton spider web, glitter
  1. If you’re using black tissue paper, you’re going to want to wrap it around the lollipop first.
  2. Take 4 pipe cleaners and bend them in half. Start with one, and wrap it around the stick once. You might want to wrap it twice if it’s too long, or even cut the pipe cleaners in half, depending on the size of the lollipop.
  3. Once you have all 4 pipe cleaners on the stick, you can shape them so that they look like spider legs by bending the ends of them.
  4. Add any optional items you’d like to add, and be creative! You could even try hanging them all in a large cotton web for guests or trick-or-treaters to grab.
  5. Enjoy!