The spiders are living in your house anyway. You might as well give them a job to do and a place to stay. Just remember to ask nicely.

What is a Ward?

A ward is used as a form of defensive protection. It might be used, for example, to keep insects or negativity away.

Why Spiders?

In my personal experience, I originally created a spider ward to keep insects away from my mini herb garden. Let’s just say the pet scorpion isn’t great at catching crickets, and I had a few who escaped. The spiders and their excellent web-making skills have really helped to take care of that problem. Over time, I’ve added to the spider ward to create greater protective measures.

Spiders are commonly associated with protection, progression, cycles, death, rebirth, and creation. As I have created my current spider ward, I have kept my intention and focus on protecting against anything that would inhibit my progression, creativity, and natural life cycle. In the spider ward pictured above, I currently have two small spiders living in the corner.

Chances are, the spiders are more afraid of you than you are of them. I had a spider about a month ago that would start spinning very quickly anytime I got near the ward, so I knew it wasn’t going to be coming anywhere near me.

How do I make my own spider ward?

  1. Clean your room and house and keep it that way! Spiders don’t like a mess or dirt, and will leave if it gets too dirty.
  2. Choose items for a spider house. Don’t feel you need to limit yourself. As long as they have a surface to make their webs on, they’ll be happy. Examples: books, rocks, cups, picture frames, etc. I’ve chosen two small flower pots, a large shell, and a small piece of driftwood.
  3. While you’re choosing your items, keep in mind that their qualities can be part of your protective measures too! A shell might represent security and shelter. A flower pot might represent help to grow. Books might represent the right to knowledge. Rocks might represent the element earth. Cups might represent the element water. All of these things can serve to protect and promote your desires. You can even enchant items for certain protective purposes and defenses.
  4. Set up the spider house with intent, and focus your energy on its purpose.
  5. When the spiders arrive, welcome them. It’s alright to talk to them, I promise.
  6. Remember to thank the spiders for their protection!