This is a charm bag to bring sweet dreams, and to stop nightmares.

  • Create your sigil.

I created my own, using the words “Sweet Dreams,” and wrote it on a scrap piece of paper.


If you’re not sure how to create your own, you can use this sigil generator website:

You can save your sigil as a picture, and print it, or trace it, using your computer screen as a light board.

The sigil from this website for “Sweet Dreams” might look like this, but there are several font choices:


  • Choose your herbs.

You’ll want herbs for anti-nightmare, or positive/sweet dreams. I’ve chosen some commonly found herbs:
~ Lavender
~ Chamomile
~ Thyme
~ Jasmine

Oh no! I can’t find these herbs or I don’t want the people I’m living with to know I’m practicing witchcraft!

Not a problem! Witches were once known as “Cunning Folk” for a reason! All of these herbs can be purchased as teas; and thyme is often used to spice meats, vegetables, soups, etc. Who says you can’t rip open a tea bag and pour the contents into a charm bag?

  • Fill your charm bag.

I chose an organza bag, but you could use any bag. A paper bag, felt sewn together, anything you have on-hand.
I put the sigil in first, and then added the herbs, one at a time.


  • Optional Incantation

You may want to speak or think an incantation when creating this charm bag, but it is not necessary.

  • Hang the charm bag on or underneath your bed OR place it under or inside your pillow.
  • Enjoy some peaceful sleep!