Lately, I’ve had so many people ask questions about what magic requires, and what it doesn’t.

“This spell says I need this color candle, these herbs, and these crystals. I don’t have access to any of these, or I can’t afford them. Help!”

Truthfully, you don’t need any of that. Of course it’s nice to have, but it’s not necessary. In my personal practice, I like to keep things simple. Find your intent, and focus your energy. Everything around you can have a magical purpose if you get creative enough. I’m going to keep this week’s focus on a tree common in my area, the maple.

When I want to be reminded of the magic that fills maple trees, I take a walk in my own back yard. Just last week, I stood outside below one of the maples, looking up at the falling leaves. Each leaf that fell spiraled and floated down to the ground; and although some leaves fell together, the wind kept them all on a separate path. Much like humans, the maple leaves grow together, are taken on separate paths for a period of time, and return together as one. In one short year, the maple shows us the beauty of the life cycle. The process of dying for the maple leaf is not a sight of grim shadows, but a process of brilliant colors and captivating scents. The maple tree stands between the worlds of life and death, showing us the beauty in each.

Taking a closer look at the maple leaf, we find that there are many magical properties in the colors alone:

  • Red – fire, passion, strength, war, lust
  • Orange – creativity, intellect, opportunity, success, joy
  • Yellow – air, sun, happiness, imagination, inspiration
  • Green – earth, money, luck, healing, growth
  • Brown – animal magic, locating lost objects, house blessing

How to use maple leaves in your practice:

  • Make a wreath to hang on your front door or over the hearth – to bring desires to you related to the colors of the leaves.
  • Pick out one leaf, write your specific desires on it, seal it with wax paper and an iron, and frame it until the following autumn.
  • Use the leaves as mulch – to promote successful garden growth for the following year.

All this talk about leaves.. Don’t forget the maple syrup!

You can use it in a spell when you want to make someone or a situation “sweeter”.

Happy Magical Monday!